Welcome to the FlameIRC Network.

A old yet new network that was once in existance with great users, knowledgable staff that fell in to the wrong hands. The current owner was once one of them staff members who watched this network get destroyed by incompitent new owners.

Our aim is to step back to the point in which this network was once a great place to be, where rules were there just to protect the basics and oper to user interaction was never seen, simply putting it we won't gline or /kill you just for the sake of laugh's and giggles.

It's easy to get connected to our network, our servers use the generic round robin like most other networks of irc.flameirc.net on default ports 6660 to 6669 and 6697 for SSL.

How do I connect to your network servers in my client.

As there is potentially so many clients available for IRC we cannot provide support for each one. You will need to refer to to your client's documentation on how to add a network or connect to a server.

Joining a channel.

There is a few easy ways of doing this. You can do /LIST which will display all visable channels on our networks. If channels have set their channels to be secret you wont see them in /LIST.
You can use the command /JOIN #Channel (For example /JOIN #lobby will put you into the channels main chat channel.)

Registering your nickname.

Nickname registration is available to everyone, even your 'bots' if you want to bring them to our network, however you can only register a nickname if it's not already taken.

For information on how to register, once you are connected to our network use /NICKSERV Help

Registering a empty channel.

Very similar to above the channel has to be unregistered and you need to be already registered with NickServ and logged in. Once you have completed the NickServ registration you can continue with ChanServ.

For information on how to register, once you are connected to our network and logged in with NickServ type /ChanServ Help

Services and chat portal.

The Portals are there to help maintain your account if you are not connected to the network. The various chat portals we offer help you to connect to our network if you have trouble due to school, work or isp restrictions, one of them should work and get you on our network :)

More help

There is much more to our website that just this page, we are building some support systems either by the means of ticketing or forums where users can share their experience or problems with us. It will also have more in depth guides and service status's or maintenence.