About Us

FlameIRC has quite a history to it, It has plenty of battle scars from years of growth, change of hands and the decline of IRC in general but nevertheless it’s still here today.

It started as a UnrealIRCd network which probably dates back to the mid 2000’s owned by XB24 and a few others it was quite an interesting place to be. The banter was good, no one took grudges against each other and the network was fairly stable, however….

… the network over the course of the next year would change the way our network grew and how in-experienced “wannabe” admins could ruin the scene.

After I (hoggeh) had been linked and helped the network grew we inherited a new regular called Slasher, when he came to IRC the simplest of things like unable to compile an eggdrop made him seem like a curious person but harmless, that was until we received a server application link request and I was asked to vote on it.

Given what I knew about Slasher not being able to compile an eggdrop made my decision next very easy.

I voted against the link without hesitiation and I also gave my reasons why, not apparent to the other admins that he couldn’t compile an eggdrop when he submitted the application he was still granted a trial link. Now by this time I was also made network administrator by the other admins but I still had to respect the unanimous vote that went…. Slasher was linked!

I’ve always agreed that people should be hand picked to be IRC Operators and invited to link a server. If someone submits a link request both sides need to benefit from it not because it entitles one or a few users to be server administrators.

This was the demise of the network, now Slasher was linked he quickly (or in his eyes) accidently made himself Network Administrator and would correct it but sadly the opposite happened and he made his authority known on the network and quickly became the main network administrator. Why you ask while I was still there? I was planning my exit with my servers. I had my servers taken out the DNS for the network but as my server was being used directly for a game that used IRC for its communication to just up and go would of caused chaos. Soon the time came where I could use /squit on up my uplink and waved goodbye to the network.

I visited the network to see how things were going and I was gobsmacked that it became a warez haven for Slasher aka Walter-Smith, he had merged the network into some other place and it was being run down far beyond what it was.

Before Slasher took over the network it became a small to medium sized network. We ranked in the top 20’s with user count. Had a fantastic userbase but now the network remains idle and dormant, but I would rather see it like that than be in his hands ever again and hopefully one day as other networks disappear people will learn that ours still exists and use it once again.

We only have “Common Sense” rules, that being you can do whatever you like aslong as it doesn’t endanger animals or minors, it’s how the network was when I first joined and it’s how I want it to remain.

Our mission is never to become the biggest network or have the most servers, but to be one of the networks users can go where they know the IRCd’s are there for them, the IRC Operators won’t get involved with network disputes when we provide the services to help you manage your time here, more so we won’t abuse you with /kill commands, allow inexperienced server admins to join us and wish everyone a happy time on IRC