Welcome to the FlameIRC Network.

A old yet new network that was once in existance with great users, knowledgable staff that fell in to the wrong hands. The current owner was once one of them staff members who watched this network get destroyed by incompitent new owners.

Our aim is to step back to the point in which this network was once a great place to be, where rules were there just to protect the basics and oper to user interaction was never seen, simply putting it we won't gline or /kill you just for the sake of laugh's and giggles.

FlameIRC isn't your run of the mill IRC networks. We aim to be one of the unique networks that keep's to its reputation of being there for and run by you.  We don't care what content is on our network aslong as it doesn't bring shame or harm to minors.

The reason for this is simple.  Since the owners time when he started on IRC back in 1996 a lot of networks came, got big and as they got big opers ego's did too. Channel and user rules become harsher and networks started to see big channels leave as they left to create their own networks.  Ultimately the growth in networks grew and network user count on the biggest started to ease up.

Sadly watching these smaller networks pop up over the last 21 years and seen how poorly they run wanted us to be one of the few networks that takes a laid back approach to our network and it's users activity. Bad attitude to have I hear some people say? No because if I know what everyone is doing without them worrying about oper interveining we don't have to worry about them, everyone is relaxed and a win all round.

Our staff are knowledgable, simply put after learning from taking on a previous bad batch of staff that killed this network and us taking a timeline jump back to where it was at it's best; we wont be taking on any random person who can compile a IRCd and link. If this network has to run with one operator against one million users then so be it until we find suitable staff members.

Our goal is simple for the future, it's not to become the biggest, fastest or have a site full of features and fancy images but to remain simple, users have a good understanding of us and the network and know they have full trust in us when it comes to their activity on our network.