About Us!

Our network has a little history to it, but we'll try not to bore you with too much information but being honest as we can so you can make your own judgement on whether we still fit as being a reliable network for you. If you need support you can use our FAQ (Knowledge Base) or Ticket Support.

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FlameIRC Pre-New Ownership

The network started as a Unreal and Anope network. The owners and it's staff were extremely friendly and everyone could get on with each other. There was never any drama as no one took offense to each other and the network become quite a relaxed and free place to be.

Flame was growing rapidly, easily by a few hundred users every month and took on new servers. This helped as a few nodes were being restructured and the network had to see new servers to help while others were offline.

Sadly the network took on one to many bad servers with bad staff. These users unable to even compile a IRCd somehow become permenently linked and the destruction of the network begun.

The current present owner of FlameIRC decided enough was enough and delinked from the network, although keeping in touch and visiting the network began to show signs of bad times ahead. Some big channels had left, it became apparent new the newly linked server and its owner was now running FlameIRC and when it disappeared completely the network was indeed lost.

Where FlameIRC went from there...

When the network disapeared completely, it went on for a few years before it was recovered. What was once a growing network that could of been one of easily the medium sized networks this day had been destroyed. It was time to resurrect the network.  This happened by the current network owner who was once a happily linked server and oper who knew his place as just a server administrator and never tried to be anything more.

The network is now owned by one person and is all servers. There is no need for more servers and the only thing we will take on in the future is more opers as we grow, but never out number users by opers.

The plan for FlameIRC is already set and that is not to become the biggest or have the most servers but to be known as a safe place where oper intervention with user issues is very limited. Users have the ability to resolve issues with our services and support request via our Trouble Ticket system is a more formal but private way for users to request help they cannot sometimes resolve themselves.

Our IRCd is an unmodified release of ircd-ratbox which is the current ircd of EFNet. We chose this ircd based on it's server<>server configuration, it's reputation of being part of what was once the largest network in the world and the continued support from services and it's development team. It's also not too bloated with pointless features that other ircd's present.  I

We use xtheme IRC Services for user services. Database backup's are performed regularly to a undisclosed remote destination where in the event of services failure we can restore services from a previous save.