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My Channel has been taken over
Posted by rob on 20 December 2018 10:36 pm

If your channel has been taken over it's quite unfortunate you have either given too much access to one individual or have revealed your password to someone who has used it to either de-register your channel or transfer membership. 

If by the off chance they have de-registered the channel you can use the 'ChanFix' psuedo service to fix the channel. It actively monitors users who are in the channel, based on the top users and if they were opped or not can fix the channel.

There is always another IF and that is if they have transferred the ownership from you to them there is not much we can do. However that is not to say don't report it as this user may be known for channel takeovers.  If there is enough reports of one user causing channel issues we will investigate otherwise single indvidual cases wont be looked at without justification. For example if you own the channel #PoshSweets and have a TLD registered for that like or we can work to restoring the channel as a business need.