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I registered my channel but now ChanServ is not responding.
Posted by rob on 22 December 2018 12:04 am

This could be a number of issues being:-

1. Client Issues.
Check you haven't put ChanServ on ignore. It is a common mistake and more so with scripts with anti-flood protection block other users (including services bots) thinking it is a flood. As each client and scripts are different we cannot advise on how to remove the ignore or block.

2. Network Issues.
Sometimes due to either scheduled or un-planned downtime can cause the network to split. While we understand this is not the most convenient when you need access to your channel rest assured if your channel was registered it will be restored once the services are re-established back on the network.

3. Human Error.
Yes it exists, sometimes users sometime message the wrong service or even mispell it. As an added security layer we never encourage users to directly /MSG ChanServ <command> but instead make use of the secure aliases like /ChanServ <command> which ensures you are messaging the "correct" service bot and not some impersonator.